Koko Dogz Wakeboards 2012

Byerly Assault 55 (140cm)
                                                                        Byerly Blunt 55 (140cm)
                                                                    Hyperlite BSide 144 with System Webb Boots
                                                                  Byerly Conspiracy 56 (142cm)
                                                               Ronix District 134 with District Boots
                                                                  Hyperlite Divine 109
                                                Ronix Emily Copeland Faith Hope Love 136
                                                           Ronix Krush 134 with Luxe Boots
                                                                   Ronix Krush 128 with Luxe Boots
                                                                     Ronix Mana 135
                                                           Hyperlite Marek Nova 140 with System Murray Boots        
                                                                 Hyperlite Motive 109
                                                                  Ronix One 142, 138, 134 with One Boots
                                                               Ronix Parks 144 with Parks Boots
                                                                 Ronix Phonix Project 142 with Preston Boots
                                                                Ronix Vault 134, 128 with Divide Boots
                                                             Ronix District 134, 138 with District Boots
                                                              Ronix Vault 134 with Divide Boots
                                                             Ronix Vision 120
                                                                HO RAD Wake Skis with Reckless Boots

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tom dijo...

Si hay un buen sortido de wakeboards para iniciar en el deporte. Nos comicas porfa en Facebook.......Koko Dogz Surf Shop por chat y fotos

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