One of the best events of the year here in Cancun. The competitors are the judges and the conditions are always good. We had 25 plus knots with waves near the reef rising to nearly three meters. Sunday was a good day for a 5.0 NORTH ICE and 86L FANATIC FREE WAVE.

Some of the gusts came up without warning. Hooked in you just went faster but in Juan's case it caught him inventing a new forward with feet inverted.

Tincho was one of the stars of the event. You can see he has the right equipment. It was a great day because the angle of the wind was perfect and everyone had the power to tweek all the tricks.

What a super wave ranch. Small ramps near the beach and big swell near the reef. This event is special because everyone who participates gets the same prizes. Everyone received a poster and new video from Fanatic. The winners pulled names from a hat for a new Chinook gorge boom. All prizes were given by Koko Dogz Surf Shop in Cancun.

This year the wave challange was opened to a girls division. Cata is a good example of the ability of all the windsurfers here in Cancun. Windsurfing in Cancun is a great activity. The next Koko Dogz windsurfing in Cancun event will be on February 13 and 14 at the El Cid Hotel and Marina and in March there will be a down wind slalom in Puerto Morelos.

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